The winner of the October 2005 Raspberry & Vine Short Story Competition is

     Jim Murphy for "The Leap Year Man".

     Click here to read The Leap Year Man. (Acrobat Reader 5 or above required)

The Short List:

     "The Secret of Crystal Beach" by Anthony Flynn
     "Albert's Coming of Age" by Peter Gilet
     "The Akubra" by Peter Lane
     "Rhonda's Man" by Peter Lingard
     "Office Gossip" by Harold Mally
     "The Leap Year Man" by Jim Murphy
     "Entertaining Death" by Colleen Murray
     "Five Days in a Lifeboat" by Terry Reddacliff
     "Some People You Don't Know" by Elizabeth M. Thompson
     "The Blue Card" by Jim Wallich


The winner of the April 2005 Raspberry & Vine Short Story Competition is

     Keith Bennett for "Everyone Knows Me".

     Click here to read Everyone Knows Me. (Acrobat Reader 5 or above required)

     Click here to read about Keith Bennett.

The Short List:

     "The Love of Lady Beatrice" by Peter Appleton
     "Everyone Knows Me " by Keith Bennett
     "The Grape Vine " by Sherry Clarke
     "Casablanca" by Alan Hancock
     "The Fate of the Galaxy Hope 2" by Guy Jamesion
     "Hymn of Silence" by Christine Matthews
     "For Music Lovers Only" by James Murphy
     "The Tentacles of Fate" by Sheila Stibal
     "What Can Ya See?" by Clancy Tucker
     "Give a Dog a Bad Name" by Jim Wallich


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