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The October 2013 competition is closed.

Judging for the October 2013 competition is still in progress. Results soon.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO April 2014 competition. We are relocating our operations, and will provide further details soon.

The April 2013 Short Story Competition Shortlist and winner.

The April 2013 Winner is:
The Shortlist:

Natalie Barlow

for "Neighbourhood Watch"

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Neighbourhood Watch.

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Geordie Allardice -"Amawake X"
Natalie Barlow - "Neighbourhood Watch"
Marianne Hamilton - "Child's Play"
Len Hewlett - "Unlawful Conduct"
David Hicks - "New Worlds"
Sarah Hutchinson - "The Choice"
Doug Pender - "Dancing to Kill Time"
Doug Pender - "Chantelle's Country Outing"
Stella Van Tongeren - "Love is a Fickle Lady"
Mary Warwick - "A Stroke of Luck"

Raspberry & Vine seeks to develop Australia's culture through literature, film and art. We aim to have Australia recognised as a world leader in the arts through promotion of new talent.

To encourage new writers, we offer a twice yearly Short Story Competition.

Past Winners of the Short Story Competition
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Natalie Barlow - "Neighbourhood Watch"
Jamie Buchanan - "Battle of Wits"
Jim Murphy - "Bernie in a Bowl"
Margaret Pascoe - "Eric's Metamorphosis"
Dorothy Martin - "The Clock"
Jennifer Hoff - "The Good Secretary"
June Collini - "Phoenix"
Jessie Scott - "The Adventure Club"
Kerry James - "Kuli and the Goose Feathers"
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Maris Morton - "Bang to Rights"
Diana Thurbon - "The Halfway House"
Maris Morton - "The Art War"
David Gibb - "Finding Candy Pepper"
Jonathan Elsom - "The Creative Urge"
Michelle Lopert - "Veronica's Chook"
Jim Murphy - "The Leap Year Man"
Keith Bennett - "Everyone Knows Me"
Harold Mally - "George's Masterpiece"

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